Friday, 15 December 2017

Topping Up!

After re-jigging our menu's to keep the weekly costs down (and still eating healthily), I had money leftover to spend. Yesterday was that day and off we went to a budget supermarket and a normal one. I noticed as we walked, in that the food bank donation box was overflowing, with many things sitting on the floor beside it. I emailled them once we got home to let them know.

If you go on your local foodbank website (or The Trussell Trust one), they let you know what they are short off, so shopping can be tailored to their needs.

By the time we had dealt with that and our own needs, we arrived home and once again, after being short for ages, our long term pantry supplies are filled up.

Then we had to do our weekly shopping and by the time that was all done, I was well and truly fed up, despite only having been out 1 1/2 hours. How people shop all day is a mystery to me!

Despite it pouring with rain here and forecast for the same on Sunday, I hope you have a grand weekend.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Master L...

Firstly, thanks for all your comments yesterday about Nigella!

DB has finished his needlepoint picture of our third grand dog, a red labrador Master L:
It still needs a quick handwash, flat drying and a light iron to even out its textures. It will then be mounted, framed and hung on our lounge walls to join his two sisters.

It involved 420 hours of stitching time between 1/2 and 1 hour most but not every day!

Welcome to Loraine via Bloglovin.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Nigella at Christmas

I have been watching this series just to see what she would come up with. Some interesting things that might be worth doing if I could be bothered. Last night, she was 'away' and I wondered where it was filmed.

Being able to find such things reasonably quickly, as that is what I used to do, here is the kitchen she was cooking in. The fridge freezer is different, it was decorated for Christmas and filmed from the right of the island so you didn't see the breakfast bar:

You could book it this week for just a little under £3200!!!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Away and back...

We have just come back from a weekend away with DS, DDiL and the Grand Dogs - lovely. DS was celebrating his birthday present from earlier this year with a tootle around on one of these:
DDiL decided to join him and they rode around for about 40 minutes or so. We took lots of photographs and tried to keep warm in the very cold, snowy, rainy and windy day!

Boy, where they live, did they have cold weather although the coldest night was forecast for Monday for them, we came home on that day. Mind you, despite having our heating coming on whilst away, for short periods to keep the chill off our house, it was just 11C inside, when we arrived home.

We took a slightly different way back from them, as the hills would have been too risky, and missed our turning which made it interesting to say the least. Most roads were drivable but nearly everyone was driving very carefully, even on the motorways (50 mph rather than 70 mph). What is normally a 3 hour 15 minute journey home, took just a tad over 5 hours, including a short stop for lunch.

The house still isn't fully up to our normal temperature (18C) and so far, we haven't been able to use our chocolate nut spread, as even in the kitchen, near the boiler, it is still solid!

Washing to catch up on, massage to have, soup to make, presents to wrap and I still haven't organised anything for Christmas, in the house or food department. Got things, just need to get baking and decorating, rocking and rolling!

Welcome to bronzewing via Bloglovin.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Chocolate Nut Spread

Thank you everyone for your comments about my last blog post. I have no intention of stopping blogging! Blue sky and sunshine here but boy, does the north wind blow. Really, really cold.

The lovely Kate over at The Gluten Free Alchemist, recently posted about the sorry changes to the ingredients in Nutella, see here.

Now, I don't like Nutella, finding it artificial tasting and far too sweet and when you see the deconstructed photograph of what is actually in your jar, you might feel the same ugh!

However, I was intrigued by her recipe and decided to give it a whirl!

I used a mill attachment on my food processor, to grind the nuts before adding them to my processor. As I didn't have enough hazelnuts (which I had previously toasted), I topped up with untoasted walnuts. Once the cocoa and very small amount of icing sugar was added, it looked like this:
This stage tasted fab, a bit like a Ferrero Rocher. I feel an amended recipe coming here, maybe just a little melted chocolate to hold it together to make into balls?

The melted chocolate and vanilla extract were added:
Then it was all whizzed up and finished like this:
There are still tiny pieces of nut which is fine. It has quite a soft consistency at this stage and was easy to spoon into a selection of small jars:
This is meant to be stored at room temperature for just a few weeks but mine will go into the fridge until we are ready to use it (extremely difficult to spread straight from the fridge).

We won't be eating it all as some is designated for gifts. Wonder if it is stirred into ice cream it would make a 'Nutella' version?

Have a grand weekend everyone, snow not withstanding!

Thursday, 7 December 2017


How or why one writes a blog, is entirely up to that individual. Writing styles change as do reasons for writing.

For example, when I started, we lived a simple, frugal lifestyle. Not excessively so, just having an awareness of food waste and willy nilly money spending.

We had had almost 6 years of huge financial restraint (see our war diary) and although things were better, we still had a way to go before feeling we were out of that particular, restrained way of living.

When you have lived, cutting all spending to the bone, it stays with you. Well, it stayed with us. Again, I can't speak for anyone else.

Time has moved on and we still live a similar lifestyle, it just seems normal to us. We try not to preach about how we live, or suggest others do the same. You may or may not find my blog appealing, but at the least, hope you find some useful information on it.

I often wonder about changing the title but with many people reading each day - though few comment:( - wouldn't want them 'to lose me'.

We no longer live that hugely restrained way of frugal living but still live what we think of as frugal and simply. We menu plan, use food stock taking charts and most if not all meals and baking, are cooked from scratch. We make our own washing machine liquid (recipe has changed many times until the current one which we really like - thanks Mr. H. M.) White vinegar has replaced fabric conditioner and is also used amongst other things, to clean the house.

Yes, we have a light lunch out when on our walking days but that is our absolute treat. We are careful with our money and manage to save every month. We budget for changing the car (which we have just done), all our bills, logs for the burner, an annual holiday and gardening things. We have a small garden with raised beds to grow summer vegetables (plus leeks for winter), fruit trees and a fruit cage for soft fruit.

We have both worked hard during our lives but for now, I cannot contribute any money as I have to wait another few years for a delayed government pension. We live on the pension provided for DB. As we age, we hope our savings will allow for any help we may need in our own home rather than in a home, but who knows.

My blog is slowly evolving, but then, so are we. Yes, it still reflects mundane things, things that concern me or those around us, but it is primarily for my family members, so they can touch base with what we are up to. If it is also of use to others, then that is a bonus.

For whatever reason people give up blogging, that is their choice. Whether they choose to leave their blog up or take it down, is again their choice. I prefer the former but wouldn’t vilify a blogger for the latter choice. Each to their own.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

By 09:15...

I had a loaf of bread on its first rise, had looked up (but not yet made) a recipe for cheese straws and a batch of quorn and mushroom chilli con carne was on the go on the hob.

I don't know about you, but when I want to bake anything, especially bread, I like to start first thing otherwise I never seem to get going and things usually go wrong.

One down side to this is that I quite often forget about the bread because I forget to put the timer on. I can visit the airing cupboard for some reason (such as getting a towel, hanging up a tea towel, or knocking the heating on or off.

I look down and there it is, practically climbing out of its bowl or loaf pan (depending on what stage I was at). A climb out the bowl is easier to deal with, as if its climbs over the edge of the loaf pan, you end up with winged bread.

Nothing too bad in that, I cut them off and we enjoy them as a treat, usually spread with butter and home made jam!

Finished items!

A white loaf with barley malt extract:

 A pan of quorn and mushroom chilli for tea plus 2 containers for the freezer:
And some very nice cheese straws:
The recipe for which came from this site, however, I did find that 7 minutes was way too short (a mistake perhaps) and I needed to cook them for 14 minutes. I also needed almost 2 tablespoons of water but be very careful not to overdo it, same with the cayenne pepper.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Save refuges for women

I have just been sent this link,

If you or anyone you know, has ever been affected by this, please let them know. It is one of many on this site. This or others on there, may be of interest to you. Please take a look!

All being well....

We should not have to go into a town or city until next year!

We have finished our present shopping, only weekly food to go as per normal. Just one or two extra items will be added each week for the next 3 weeks, a joint of meat still to buy, to complete that side of things as well.

Last week, the shops were relatively empty but today, by 9:30, queues were getting longer at the tills.

We saved every £2 coin we received this year and used that for most of the presents. Food buying has come in as per usual so other than one bottle of Tia Maria and one of Bailey’s which was purchased by DB, we just need to get a couple of beers and cider.

Christmas on a budget - great!

Monday, 4 December 2017

The importance of backing up your blog...

Firstly welcome to Pauline Hermansson via Bloglovin.

I cannot stress enough, the importance of backing up your blog on a regular basis. Sometimes, domain issues occur whereby you may go online to your blog and find it has disappeared. If you are with blogger (or perhaps other big blog sites such as wordpress), this shouldn't happen, but it may.

I don't know about you, but I would hate to lose the last few years of my blogging life due to some technical issue. This link should help you back up your blog contents, theme or import something into it.

I have been asked if I know what has happened to Frugal Queen as all her online accounts seem to have disappeared. I'm afraid I don't know.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

The dreadful practice of gazumping ...

I don't know about you, but buying a home is stressful enough without people swindling you out of it. To me, in England at least, if you put in an offer on a house, and it is accepted by the sellers, then that offer should stand. No-one else should be able to come along and pinch your house off you, because they offer more money!

Years ago, when we were looking at buying, we were quite often encouraged by estate agents to put in higher offers on houses we liked, even though an offer had already been accepted.

This smacks of greed and a complete lack of morals on their behalf, as lets face it, a higher offer gives them more commission and I am sure, is their main reason for encouraging such a diabolical practise.

A family member (cash buyer), was recently gazumped out of their future home by the sellers, despite the sellers wanting a quick sale.  I'm sure karma will have something to say about that further down the line. As it happens, they have now put in an offer on a similar sized house, far cheaper, and have begun the buying process once more. I hope they succeed this time.

Have you ever been gazumped, or been encouraged to gazump?

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

All day...

I have been thinking it is Friday!

Not as cold for us overnight as predicted but boy, is it making up for it now. Strong winds, very cold and occasional sleet snow showers. We think the heavier snow showers have passed us by.

We have spent most of the day indoors apart from a quick scurry around to the post office to post letters and buy stamps.

We have just finished writing Christmas cards out and will post them tomorrow. Keep warm everyone here.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


For this, our third successive combined medical/shopping visit to Dunelm in Wisbech, it was apparent, that things have deteriorated in one area, visit on visit. This one was by far the most memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

We arrived in the Pausa cafe at 12:40 and had sat down with coffee by 12:50, waiting for our meal. No one was in the queue in front of us so we mistakenly thought we would get our jacket potato and soup reasonably quickly.

Behind the counter however, was just one poor girl, taking orders, making the coffee, then fulfilling the orders. Chaos rapidly ensued! There was a young chap clearing tables, his first day, who was falling behind doing that, as she had to keep asking him to help then spending time telling him what to do.

DB received his meal at 13:15, having watched people arrive after us, getting their meals before either of us. He also went to the till to mention about my soup. By 13:30 no soup and by now, yet more people were getting served who had just walked in. Finally, two other people arrived to help (one possibly management), so I went to complain.

Not only was I hungry, but I now had severe  indigestion and was incensed. I didn't want to take it out on her but when asked if all was well, filled her in, as politely as possible, about what had occured.

I received an apology, was informed about staff shortages (not my problem), training 1/2 day (again, not my problem) quick turnaround of staff due to university and college recruits being taken on/leaving, (even more not my problem). I told her what a trojan the poor girl was, coping on her own, behind the counter and didn't wish to complain about her.

I informed her that I was now so mad and very hungry and was now leaving, no, I didn't want my soup (which still had not been dealt with). She offered to give me a refund and could I have the till receipt. No, she couldn't because we hadn't been given one:(

A few minutes later she came to the table and refunded us for my soup and also DB for his jacket potato - a nice gesture. We thanked her and left. In the end I had to find a supermarket to get something cold to eat on the way home.

I hope to complain officially, but after trying to do it online, they wanted so much information, after which, they then promise to get back to me within 72 hours - say what!

Don't hold your breath!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Bring me sunshine....

It’s amazing how a bit of sunshine lifts the spirit, especially in late Autumn/Winter. Today is cold but glorious after a few days of depressing dullness. The next few days for us are very cold, wet and windy.

I shan’t be looking forward to our walk later this week. Good job we love soup, that will help. We are currently working our way through potato, leek and bacon and then mushroom soup will follow.

I learnt a new tip this week regarding oversalting something. Normally the first mentioned soup is fine, but this time I did it in the pressure cooker and it was way too salty. Checking online, a whole chopped potato cooked in it for 15 minutes then discarded or a teaspoon of vinegar added should help. Didn’t want to waste a potato so used vinegar and it worked.

Whilst we were still eating a tad too much salt, the salty taste was quite well neutralised by the vinegar. Who knew!

Monday, 27 November 2017

Using some of the leftover squares

Welcome to Tree via Bloglovin.

I decided to make myself a winter walking hat - almost finished:
Tassle and pink edge to rim:

It took 4 pullouts and rethinks, before I got it how I wanted it but boy, does it keep your head warm. Looks a bit like a tea cozy:)

Still got some squares leftover!

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Davis Cup Tennis Final updated

In case you didn’t know, and have broadband, BBC sport is broadcasting this event online. We are rooting for Belgium as besides the Murray brothers, we also follow David Goffin.

Belgiun lost, not surprising, as the French team had far higher numbered seeds.

However, David won both his matches, well done him.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Finished ... I think!

I have added a single ruffle all the way around my jerkin - to change it from this:
To this:
And this:
Better I think. I am trying to decide whether to leave it at a single ruffle or just double the width of the ruffle up to front to make it come closer together at the front.

At least it keeps my back nice and warm. Have a grand weekend everyone!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Piccalilli and rain

Goodness me, that was some heavy rain in the early hours of the morning, absolute cloudburst! It is still very windy here but slowling down a little. I might be able to keep the washing on the line.

Thanks for all your interesting comments regarding division of labour in and around the home.

I am a little late making a half batch of piccalilli for this year and with the price of food rising, it wasn't as cheap as normal but we like it.

Vegetables used were carrots, cauliflower, courgette, onion, red pepper, green pepper, radish and mini sweetcorn. Here they are steeping in salt overnight:
I used Pam's piccalilli recipe (you can find it on my recipe tab above. Had to change the link as the old one didn't work). I always adjust it to our tastes. Here are the finished jars:
Two for presents, the rest for us.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Division of labour....

How do you divvy up your household chores (if indeed you do)?

DB does a snack for us on the evening of our walking day as well as our Friday night chip tea. He also does most of the ironing and cleans by hand, under the rim of the toilet once a month to clear it of limescale. He also does most of the hoovering and lays the fire everyday and cleans away the ashes when needed as well as cleaning the glass on the front of the woodburner. I clean the chimney.

He will tackle any chore I set him in the garden, then does other household fixing/cleaning jobs as and when needed (pavements, weeding the gravel, cleaning out the gutters etc). He likes to keep himself busy!

I do most of the gardening, cooking and baking. Washing of clothes is done by me as well as cleaning the windows (most of the time). I generally do the dusting but not always and clean the bathroom and kitchen. He washes the pots and I dry. We both do the food shopping and putting it away.

Quite a nice division of chores methinks. He may tackle slightly more than me but I have a bit of joint discomfort which is why he tackles a few more of the heavier jobs. He is a good egg!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

I'm still having a little trouble....

Getting back to grips with normal as opposed to gluten free pastry. To be honest, I think I prefer GF so may revert back. Anyway, I thought I had rolled some out thinly enough to make some mincemeat maids of honour:
I do use a little S.R. flour in my pastry to lighten its texture so maybe I overdid it as they 'rose' a little too much. Also, the almond mixture recipe is clearly designed for 12 small pies whereas these are deep versions so only a little topping for 10 then I ran out. I have written that on the recipe for next time.

Mind you, they taste fine so that is good - phew.

Welcome to Sue Scott via Bloglovin.

Monday, 20 November 2017

The weekly loaf...

First of all, thanks to everyone for getting in touch about my last post. I was well and truly down. Feeling a little better now and one or two things have been said and acknowledged which have helped.

Having been given a silicon loaf pan for a present, I wasn't at all sure it would work with bread - well, I was wrong. Here it is fresh from the oven:
It came out easily and when knocked, had a lovely sound and was brown and crisp around its base. Once sliced, it looked like this:
The black specks are nigella seeds.

Friday, 17 November 2017

It's official...

I must be a ghost! I feel as though I am fading into insignificance, with no role to play in life. A bit like a train wandering aimlessly on never-ending tracks, calling in at a friends station, or a role playing station, but no-one gets on.

Maybe its a return of the empty nest syndrome, but that happened long ago - didn't it?

I had an interesting chat with my hairdresser the other day, when she came to cut my hair.

She was saying why, when she is a good person, and would go to the end of the earth to help people out, is she without really good friends and few good acquaintances? I thoroughly understood where she was coming from and told her so.

When we first moved here, I had one or two really good acquaintances who went on to become very good friends. The kind you could talk to about anything and we would all try and help, even it it was just listening. We didn't get in each others way or become a nuisance to each other by over-visiting, but would meet for a coffee, cake, and chat to sort ourselves out.

Jobs and university courses got started, one moved away, grandchildren began to arrive for another, a new partner for the other and before you knew it, we had drifted apart. It was me that kept in touch, occasionally asking to meet for a coffee until in the end, I gave up asking, in the mistaken belief that I would be missed and they may get in touch for a meet up.

Several years passed and intermittently, I would again get in touch, we would meet up once or twice, and then it would all revert to me 'doing the chasing' once again, so I gave up - again.

Like my hairdresser, I consider myself a good egg, willing to compromise and help where possible, but just where does being a compromising good egg get you - trampled on I reckon, by those who should know better, who probably believe, that because you don't protest, it must be okay to keep messing you around, falling in and out of touch or not being in touch enough!


Whilst being willing to compromise to the nth degree, when and where possible, that doesn't mean I don't mind or feel deeply hurt by having to do it constantly.

Frankly, I am getting to the 'self preservation' stage, where it would be all too easy to either sever ties completely (feels like cutting off my nose to spite my face) or telling people what I REALLY think of their constant thoughtlessness (and risk making the situation worse).

One thing is for sure though, something has to change, because I can't keep allowing these situations to go on, feeling so incredibly sad about them and feeling useless into the bargain, without a role to play.

I might still have another 20 - 30 years to live, but frankly, at the moment, I feel I would be existing rather than living them!

Hairdresser feels the same - it is at times a sad and lonely world don't you think? Therefore, I have reached the conclusion that I must be a ghost - simply invisible.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Through the front and side window...

Welcome to Karen Gimson via Bloglovin.

We have done yet more cutting back in the front gravel garden and at last, it is beginning to look a lot neater. We just need a few really cold days for it to stop growing:
I have now autumn/winter pruned the roses more than once!

The neighbour has finally changed half his fence between our dining room and them. It went from a tatty very old fence to this as he removed half the panels:
To this:
It is tall and bright tan but oddly enough, seems to throw more light into our dining room so for the moment, we won't be painting it.

He was going to do the whole job himself but we kept telling him, he really wouldn't be able to manage. There is a huge difference between putting in wooden posts and attaching panels to them, as opposed to holding concrete posts in the correct place, leaving them to set, before lifting the panels skyward to insert them.

Just the other half to do then we will be 'shut back in' again.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Pootling around....

Just been to 3 different shopping/gardening centres to find some items for us and a present. All found thank goodness, so 4 ticks off the list.

Had a lovely jacket potato for our lunch with a topping of bacon, mushroom and cheese! Home now to our first cup of tea since breakfast.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Blue Air Crochet...

I am at the penultimate stage of my granny square jerkin and my, at times, has the air been a bit on the blue side.

I thought I had worked out what size it needed to be and how many squares to crochet. They were all joined together and neatly edged around all outside edges. Then I tried it on again and disaster, it was all bulging and hanging outwards, especially under and around the armholes.

It was unpicked and one whole section of 3 squares under each armhole removed, stitched back up and is now a lot better:

Both front sections now match which they didn't previously but the end result of the removal of two panels worth of squares is that there is not quite enough front to it. Searching around on the good old internet, I think I have found a solution (another new technique) and if I can pull it off, will show the end result on here. Wish me luck!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Make it up pudding - GF as it turned out!

We both enjoy pumpkin pie and in my winter box from last year, was a can of cooked pumpkin (I had mistakenly thought it was pumpkin pie filling). I didn't want to use pastry so had a rummage around in the fridge to see what I could use to make up a pudding as I didn't have everything I needed.

The can was emptied into a bowl, (or 1lb cooked pumpkin) and 1/2 tsp each of cinnamon, ginger and mixed spice added to the bowl. Then about a 1/3rd of a tub of mascapone cream cheese was added along with 2oz of dark brown sugar. After testing for sweetness, this was fine for us, but you could add another 1oz if you wish.

Two beaten eggs were blended in and the mixture poured into a greased dish:
 and it was baked for 35 - 40 minutes at 190C until it was just set:
We had a 1/4 each with some stewed plums and really enjoyed it. Yes it lacked the zest and juice of an orange and lemon as per the original recipe but was very nice as it was.

I also reckon that if you slowly cooked the pumpkin puree with the sugar and spices, left out the eggs and then when cold, layered it with whipped cream into glasses, it would also be lovely.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Even though....

We are spending another Christmas on our own, that doesn’t stop me making a few festive items for us and family when they visit later on. Today, I made a half batch of Delia Smith’s Christmas mincemeat but dropped the sugar down to 4oz rather than 6oz.

The kitchen smells wonderful as it sits cooling down, allowing the melted fat to coat the apple which seems to stop it fermenting. It easily stores from one Christmas to the next so there is no need to rush to use it. We find shop bought mincemeat far too sweet and sickly.

Next some piccalilli and marmalade methinks!

I was looking forward to watching Jamie in the doubles at the atp but the BBC tend to only show the singles matches (no Andy this year but we also follow Goffin). We have subscribed to t-n-is tv to watch it. All 30 matches for a few pounds, not too bad at all.

Have a lovely weekend folks.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Winter weather predictions...

Once again, the newspapers are predicting very cold and prolonged snowy weather for winter. Most years they are incorrect. However, just in case that happened, for those of us without close access to shops, what would you put by, either in your freezer (hoping for no long power cuts) or cupboards?

My freezers have enough in them to give us a few meals and or puddings. The store cupboard has enough for light meals, hots snacks etc.

I think our alltime go to would be soup, both for snacks and main meals. So with that in mind, and the possibility of needing to cook on a camping gas stove, herewith some things I am never without:

Lentils, dried peas/beans (thermal cooker as it requires no power once the gas stove has begun cooking them), tinned peas, beans, tomatoes, vegetables, rice, pasta, flours (dumplings would fill us up and quick bread making/drop scones, that could be done on the gas stove), items for puddings such as tinned milk, rice in all forms (thermal cooker again), tinned fruit amongst other items, a cake and some biscuits, crackers, butter (fridge) and oats.

There are probably more items I could name but what about you. When DS was born and the day after we came home, our village was cut off for a whole week. The local post office store ran out of most food in two days with panic buying going on. Luckily for us DB had done a major shop before DS and I came home so apart from bread, we were okay for us and him. We had no idea how long it would be before we were reached by the highway agencies.

That has never left me and whilst no such bad winters have hit that hard again, I like to be prepared, especially if the power cuts are for a long time and we lose the freezer food.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Stretching a cheap meal even further...

First of all though, congratulations to Andy and Kim Murray on the birth of your daughter this morning! Great to see you playing in your charity match last night. Keep getting that hip better.

One of the cheapest meals I make is  a mushroom one. It could be curry, chilli, bolagnaise, goulash or in a sour cream sauce. The main 'expence' is mushrooms and onions, followed by a bit of chilli, curry paste or said cream, sometimes a little Quorn gets added as well.

Yesterday, I wanted to stretch a meal further. I realised that this is a 5 week shopping month and I had only allowed money for 4 weeks. Yes, I could use an extra weeks money but reckon if I stretch some of the meals, like this one, there will be no need.

Using 1 punnet of mushrooms (special Lidl deal 69p), 1 onion, 2 tablespoons curry paste, 1 tablespoon tomato puree, 1 tin butter beans, 1 stock cube and a little coconut milk powder, I made this:
We had one plate each and this much was left over for another day:
Including the rice, it came to about £2 for 4 meals, so 50p per person per meal. Not too bad at all!

I did the same with tomatillo chicken the next night and vegetable bolognese sauce last night, an extra three meals in the freezer without really thinking too much about it.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

I picked...

These last few flowers from my garden before the predicted first seasonal frost arrived:
As it happens, the predicted temperature was 4C but despite getting down to 1.5C, we had no frost. The next night we did, -1.5C.

I don’t think I have seen lavender re-flowering, nor roses or snap dragons flowering non-stop, for quite a few years. Whilst it is amazing, it does indicate a shift in the seasons and temperatures rising slightly, later in the year. The orange rose, Abraham Derby still smells heavenly but the lavender has no smell. Not surprising really when it needs the hot sun to release its oils. Still pretty though.

Unless things change this year, we won’t have had a good session of snow for quite a few years!

Welcome to ChrissyM via Bloglovin.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Braving the shave...

My DDiL braved the shave last week, along with countless others no doubt. She went from almost waist length hair to a very short crew cut (a number 1 I think on the shears).

She was raising funds for Macmillan who nursed her father before he died earlier this year. She wanted to raise £1000 but raised 2 1/2 times that amount including gift aid.

Well done darling!

We had our first light frost last night, -1.5C. Slightly warmer nights though for this week predicted.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Menu plan update

The shopping for yesterdays meal plan came to a total of £31.11 minus the £7 for glue that DB purchased - so a grand total of £24.11 for the weeks food:
Lunch out has been cancelled so a meal from the freezer will be used for that date.

Herewith a selection of meals we will be eating for the rest of the month:

Bratwurst, Fish or Egg and chips, Macaroni Cheese, Roast Pork, Quorn Curry, Quiche, Homemade faggots, Liver & Bacon, Chicken Goujons, Vegetable chilli, vegetable curry, sausages, mushroom stroganoff, mushroom goulash, cauliflower cheese, jacket potatoes.

I just had some sad person (advertising young women for sex) try to follow me, they have and although I can't get rid of them, will delete all content from them.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Thursday, 2 November 2017


One of the things I have found most useful in helping to keep down food shopping, is menu planning.

I currently operate a printable 5 week evening menu plan. As each week finishes, it gets cut off the sheet. The plan operates alongside our outdoor and indoor freezer checklists. That way, I know what we have, where it is, what I need to make to stock up freezers and if money is tight one week, evening meals for a week can be taken from these freezers.

Our menu for the week to come is this:
A * donates the whole or most of the meal from the freezers.

Everything we need for our breakfasts for the above week we already have apart from the yoghurt and some of the fruit on the shopping list element of the menu. Lunch is usually soup which I make up from the list or freezer. Evening meals are what you see here.

I try, when possible, to buy a few extra items each week for my store cupboard. This week it is the butter beans, sugar (for marmalade), Mandarins, Almonds and Walnuts. Seems a lot but I have money to spare for these extra items leftover from other weeks. Some weeks, I may buy nothing or only one item. Sometimes, I buy one item for Christmas etc.

Once I have been shopping I will let you know how much it cost. Even if it is over my usual weekly allowance, I will make that up further into the month when I can bring in more meals from the freezers.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

All gone!

Our visitors and dogs have left and we are back to just we two! It was so lovely to see them all, can’t beat a good hug from both humans and dogs.

The dogs loved their biscuits and the gluten free and ‘sugar’ free crumble, for one, went down a treat. The flour was exchanged for gf and then a tablespoon of maple syrup ‘forked’ into it to create a slight crumble effect. Instead of using fruit that needed sugar, I finely diced them an apple and pear and tossed those in a little plum juice for extra flavour.

We had a good long walk, ate, chatted and played Pandemic Legacy. We lost both games, darn, that game is very good at holding its own!

Lit the wood burner for its first proper burn on Saturday as it was decidedly chilly on one evening. Methinks it will be needed this weekend as the night temperatures here are going to be around 3 C.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Makerel Dog Treats

Welcome to WelshMumWriting via Bloglovin.

As we had dogs with us for the weekend, I decided to make half the recipe of the above treats. Not made them before but the recipe sounded good and some of the bakers even admitted to trying them for themselves!  The recipe came from here.

Also, here is a link to the rest of his recipes. We did try the gluten free ones but they were too tough but that might have been me!

Before baking - I added 1 teaspoon finely diced fresh parsley to the mix:
After baking at 180C for 30 minutes, turning over after 20 minutes. My oven cooks hot so that is why I reduced it down from 190C:
A total of 25 dogs treats, using my 1 1/2" cutter. You would obviously get more with a smaller cutter. Once thoroughly cold, they will be stored in a screw top, airtight jar.

Although there is a huge debate on giving dogs garlic, I think 1/2 a clove distributed between 25 biscuits is not a great threat.

The dogs loved them!

Friday, 27 October 2017

Saving food money

This month, I have £31 leftover food money. That means that each weeks total shop for food and toiletries, averaged £32 each week. Combined with September’s leftovers, we currently have £66 savings for a food stock, Christmas or what is needed.

Some will be used for the foodbank, maybe the end of next month, when I can check their needs online and get them what they actually need rather than what we think they need.

Sticking rigidly to a menu, shopping from the freezer and cupboards have all helped alongside savvy shopping. We have visitors coming for a few days and our total bill came to just over £33. That included toiletries and basic medicine. Meals are planned for including breakfast, lunch, tea and a snack or two. One is GF and currently sugar free so a pudding experiment is on the cards! I do love a challenge:)

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Chose something for ...

The top of the Advent wooden tree:

We repainted his legs in the same gold as the snowflakes and numbers. We could have left it blank but both felt it needed a little something!

Thanks for your interesting comments yesterday. If required, I will still happily use a bucket!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Calls of nature ....

Not too many years ago when you needed to go to the loo at night, most houses only had an outdoor toilet. You either had a bucket in the bedroom to pee into, a commode (big potty), or got half dressed to go outside. You were only allowed to wee in the bucket, the other wasn't allowed under any circumstances!

Summer wasn't too bad to visit the outside loo but winter was a whole different ball game. Outdoor temperatures at night were often -10C or more (Fahrenheit in those days though), it was very windy and/or raining, so not a pleasant journey.

Often, only a candle or small torch was used to guide you to the building, torch bulbs were not very bright so once at the toilet, you lit the candle. Now, balancing on a high, very cold wooden toilet seat, wind blowing in under the door, making your feet very cold, the candle (providing the matches hadn't become damp), flickered menacingly over the walls.

Scurrying noises could be heard and very often, huge spiders wandered over the walls. Once finished, newspaper or izal toilet paper were used to finish with (soft rolls came later and were often useless as they became too damp). Depending on the temperature, you may or may not be able to flush the toilet as the cisterns and pipes were not lagged and often froze solid.

Blow the candle out, light the torch and go back indoors, remembering to lock the back door. If you didn't own a torch (most people did as power blackouts were common in those days), you had to cup your hand around the candle to stop it blowing out in the wind as you came back up the yard. Climb back up the creaking stairs and back into an even colder bed.

It was the job of the head of the house to unfreeze the cistern to get the toilet ready for the next nights adventures.

So as you can see, a bucket was a very handy tool to have in the bedroom. I stayed in many houses where this was common practice and even when married, staying with relatives when DB was away a similar practice was adherred to but for a different reason.

DS was in their tiny bedroom, the other children were in the bedroom nearest the bathroom so to avoid waking them up, a bucket was used.

I know this practice was carried on well into the 1990's. Wee by the way, is an excellent, occasional compost bin activator, providing the contributor is fit and well and not on medication.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Rows one, two and three...

Of my jerkin for winter:
All I have to do in the next few weeks is put the purple edging on the other 26 squares, sew them into place and then decide on the edging - both the colour and pattern. Might mean learning another new stitch:)

Monday, 23 October 2017

DB baked

DB fancied doing some baking just before the weekend, must be the influence of the Great British Bake Off. I found him a recipe for a magic custard cake - see here. There are further recipes on the page if you scroll down. From a GF point of view, I think you could easily exchange the flour for a gluten free version. Talking about flour, it took us many similar recipe searches to work out, that in this country, we needed to use Plain (or All Purpose) flour, rather than S.R. Flour.

We don't like things too sweet so reduced the total sugar down to 120g. Also, we didn't think the vanilla flavour from the extract came through so we might add 3 teaspoons rather than the two.

We baked it in a silicon pan (no greasing required), and here it is cooling down for the required 3 hours:
In our electric oven, it took just 40 minutes.

We divided it into 12 and here is one slice:
As Judy Murray would say, "no unnecessary foliage or icing sugar". It doesn't quite look like the picture from the recipe, probably because it isn't in a deep round pan, but tastes nice enough for us to give it another whorl sometime.

We would adapt it again to add the finely zested rind of 1/2 a lemon and may reduce the flour by 25g and add 25g of dessicated coconut instead for a lemon and coconut version. The recipe seems very adaptable as she has shown here.

Well done DB!

Friday, 20 October 2017


DB thanks you for your lovely comments on the Advent tree project.

When DB and I first married, there was no internet, barely any video game machines, no mobile phones and not all homes had their own phones, we did luckily. When stationed overseas, we often only had pen and paper to communicate back home as phones in quarters were rarer than hen's teeth!

DB and I often communicated by letter and I really regret getting rid of them, when we married, ah well!

Being an only child, I didn't want DB's parents to feel left out. We phoned them every other Sunday, they phoned us inbetween. No such thing as free weekend phone calls then and Sunday was a day when we all knew we would be at home. DB would speak to his dad, then briefly to his mum before handing over to me. In the end, he spoke to his dad to find out what they had been up to, and I spoke to his mum. It was not easy at first and often the calls were short but it got better the more we all persevered and eventually, the calls became more natural.

We also made sure we visited them, to stay for several days when possible, about every 10 weeks, they did the same. That way, we saw them around 5 or 6 times a year. One Christmas they came to us, the next we went up to them. We sometimes did the same for Easter but not always. This was especially important once DS arrived on the scene.

Was it easier to communicate 'back then' when communication was harder? It seems that if you are not on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or do FaceTime or Skype, you don't get to know what is going on with friends and family members. My cousins all seem to know far more about their cousins lives than we do, that's for sure. I shall have to stop being such a luddite and get on something so I can find out what everyone is up to.

Girls, more than boys, seem to communicate more readily with their parents from what I can gather in conservation with friends. If organising needs doing, the boys usually get their parents to communicate with the girls as 'they don't really know' what is going on! Instead of using a calender that has everything on it, individual's phones and computers are used, making it more difficult to know what the other is doing, wires get crossed. Give me a calender that has everything on it anyday!

DB was lucky in that I didn't have any parents to worry about leaving us just his to fit in around what we were doing. Two sets of parents seems to make life far more complicated. Add older children and animals and it gets more complicated too. Some I know don't like pets and won't allow them to visit which can cause logistical problems and ill feelings. There are often step parents with their own children to fit in as well and several sets of grandparents!

Children nowadays appear to have far busier lives than we did, yet, in our day, we felt just as busy, working, catching up with housework etc.

There seems to me, from what I can gather talking to people and reading blogs, that there is a lot of mis-communication, lack of communication, general feeling of being ignored or no communication going on at all and that is very sad.

In a world where there is so much social media available to everyone, how sad that people still feel ignored. As we all age, communication becomes more important, because one day, we may all be in the unenviable postion that some elderly find themselves in, of spending hours, days and weeks - alone:(

Our families, children, grandchildren and other relations, need to be in touch more, because one day, we will no longer be around and then it is too late. You can't get that time back and will seriously regret it, as I and other family members found out the hard way.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Advent tree finished...

This time 6 years ago, I started my blog.

DB spent most of a day, finishing off the tree, inbetween others tasks he had set himself to do. Here it is:
It can either hang or be free standing. We wanted to use Christmas colours so it would fit into any room. We are still looking for the right thing to top it off but that can wait.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Sorting out your pension and when you can retire

Phil, over at Mr Home Maker, makes a very valid point to a work colleague, for those living in Australia, in this post.

Here in the UK and other countries, things will/may be a little different. In the UK you are currently still entitled to a full 'old age pension' providing you work and pay into it for the relevant number of years, currently 35! You can get a greatly reduced pension after 10 years of full payments.

Myself and numerous others, got caught in the gap and instead of getting our expected pensions at 60, having paid in the then 30 years worth of contributions, now have to pay another 5 years worth of contributions and also wait another 5 or 6 years to get said pension:(

So annoying when you retired because you had made the full contributions, expecting to get your pension then have that bombshell dropped on you. You may not consider it worthwhile to pay those extra 5 years of contributions (around the £650 - £750 per annum mark) but for me, because we have saved hard (and continue to do so), it is worth it, providing I live long enough to collect it. Those payments will give me an extra £80 or so, every month and that is a huge difference.

Women on average, live longer than men and if widowed, that extra money might make a huge difference to merely existing rather than living. Things are vastly different for a lot of women due to part time contributions, being divorced and not having access to their partners pensions, or partners dying before being able to build up much of a pension pot etc. It really does pay to think about it and get it sorted whilst you are still able to do so.

I know people who won't top up their contributions as 'everyone they know', has died before receiving their pension - a perceived reality not a truth in their case, as we know who they are referring to. Others, who are so superstitious that although they have pensions in place, won't make a will because they believe they will die if they do - I kid you not!

Even if the figures Phil quotes, might not apply to you in the country where you live, it is an excellent read and well worth considering your own circumstances and starting to think seriously about it.

Now is the time to sort out your expences, your bills, your debt. Get rid of the debt as soon as possible if you are able to and don't add to it unless you really have to. Reduce your living expences where possible, and your bills. Overpay your mortgage if possible as every year you no longer have to pay, is money in your pocket, not theirs!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Next Stage of Advent Tree

Welcome to Alison Murphy via Bloglovin.

The tree is now the green colour that we want and the boxes have had 2 coats of red. We decided to spray it with satin varnish rather than gloss. The red on the boxes is gloss but when we put the final decorations on the front, it will tone them down nicely:
We have bought, from Hobbycraft, some wooden numbers and snowflakes, these are the snowflakes we have decided to put on the boxes:
They have now been sprayed gold ready for putting on. DB is busy making a template so they and the numbers all sit in the same place on each box front.

Chocolates have already been purchased and one will go into each box and we shall each open a box every other day. DB will probably get the odd numbers and me the even ones so I can open the last box:)

Monday, 16 October 2017

Faggots for winter...

In this country, a faggot is a meat based ball. Using the recipe from the link on my recipe tab Faggots (2) adapted, I decided now was the time to get started on a batch of them for the freezer as well as one meal.

This time I used 1lb minced pork shoulder steaks, you could use bought pork mince or mince your own belly pork. 1lb of bacon from those big value bacon packs, 1/2 lb pork liver minced - I prefer chicken livers as they are milder but couldn't find any, 1/2 an apple minced (tip from local butcher) a whole one could be used and one whole dry packet of sage and onion stuffing (170g). No salt but 30 grinds of ground black pepper. No water or egg or other moisture were needed. Once combined well, I left the mixture for about 30 minutes then fried a teaspoonful to test the taste. 

I used a 2" wide ice cream scoop for these. DB squirted oil spray onto my hands every now and then and gave me one scoop at a time for me to form into balls. Note to self, base line the tins!

First batch out, dry into their containers, ready for the gravy:
3 ladles of gravy per container usually gives enough for potatoes and vegetables to be kept moist. I normally put some gravy into the roasting pan once the faggots have been lifted but the pan had burnt slightly and I didn't want the taste to transfer to the meat:
We don't eat too much meat so shall have one tray between us - 1 1/2 faggots each. The last four went into a dish with some gravy to be microwaved for said meal.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Bindweed and Bins

On the 3rd October, I mentioned about my raised beds which are starting to get their own compost bins installed in them. I re-filled the one in bed 1 and just 7 days later, it looks like this:

The worms are working well. Lid back on then:
Every time I put garden and food waste into the two full sized bins at the back of the garden, there are always loads of worms sitting around the lid, so I knock them out and divide them between both these new bins.

Early in Spring, I found a bindweed plant in my front gravel garden, near the hedge. Using a tip from the late, great Geoff Hamilton, I inserted a cane close to the plant and tied it onto it.

Donning plastic gloves, I rubbed the plant throughly with glyphosate based weedkiller stick, then removing gloves. I carefully wrapped plastic around it to protect any plants that might touch it as they grew.

Now, it appears well and truly dead after sweating all summer long inside it plastic tent  and should be fine to remove:
Have a nice weekend folks!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

A lovely smell

A delicious smell filled the house earlier in the week. Date and walnut loaf mingled with our weekly loaf of fresh baked bread:
The recipe for the date and walnut loaf is from the Centenery Bero baking book but as you can see, isn't quite enough to fill the silicon loaf pan I used. Sounds like an excuse to double the recipe!