Friday, 28 April 2017

There was a time....

When I would have loads of posts stacked up, waiting to be published, but not at the moment. I seem to feel as though I have said it many times before:(

I think it is the chilly weather combined with a slow start on everything for Spring, that's my excuse anyway.

Having looked at the weather forecast, it seems the last of the frosty nights have gone and we will be back to normal for the start of May.

Still no peas, that is the third sowing that has failed, must just have been too cold and wet. The tomatoes are back out in the mini greenhouse so that saves me a job.

Just been food shopping. Is it me or are the prices still rising? Having raised my weekly budget, I may have to raise it again, but I have been topping up on things a little that had run out and not been topped up as per normal.

Also, we have run out of homemade frozen meals so that is odd as well. Ah well, have a grand extended weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Weather & tennis

I decided in the end to bring the tomatoes in overnight and take them back out each morning once the mini greenhouse warms up a little - it will be just too cold overnight, despite fleece, for the next few nights. I shall be glad once these frosty nights disappear so the garden can get on with things. It is all stop and start.

I gave up watching Dan Evans yesterday as he was 4-1 down - big mistake. DB carried on listening to the match and Dan came back to win. That will teach me! I caught up with the replay later on. A close run thing but a good win in the end. Kyle also won but they are both playing very good players in the next round so time will tell.

Unfortunately, Jamie and Bruno lost:(

Been for chiro today, earlier than planned due to some sort of weird cramp in my back and ribs. For the most part it has eased off but I had been in pain for a few weeks, so hopefully, it will now go away.

More tennis to watch - on replay on tennis tv. I miss being able to watch our women play on the same place, but it has brought the monthly cost down to £9.99 so very good value now. Also, you only have to pay for the months you want to watch!

Monday, 24 April 2017

The Importance of...

Annual eye tests!

I have my eyes checked every year without fail. Optometrists are very well trained to pick up all manner of health issues, that often show up in the eyes first, before the rest of the body protests.

So far, I have been referred to the hospital eye department on three separate occasions, each issue requiring between 1 and 2 years of monitoring before being discharged.

The same also applied to DB.

This time I mentioned that sometimes when watching tv, I feel as though I am blinking a lot to clear my vision. Tests appeared to show I may need glasses to watch tv (or buy a larger screen) as we sit nearly 15 feet away from it!

Anyhow, I chose cheap frames, dismissed all the extras (and their costs) as the glasses normally come free with any coatings I generally need. I will get one pair for reading and one for distance. Despite what I have said above, I am not sure the distance ones will help but we shall see.

All in all £52 due to special offers on at the time of my visit.