Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Gordon Reid and Phew!

First off all, well done to Gordon on reaching World Number One in Wheelchair Tennis!

We feel very lucky to arrive home in one piece!!!

We had been further afield to do some shopping and were returning along a main A route. When either of us drive we try to maintain a route down the middle/left of our side of the carriageway, unless getting ready to overtake, as we drive on the left over here! Luckily for us, we were not ready to overtake.

There we were, driving merrily along when a lorry on the other side of the road, suddenly veered over the central white line, onto our side of the road:(

DB took evasive action, swerving to our left. He quickly glanced in the rear view mirror to see that the car behind, almost veered off the road to avoid said lorry who was being rather slow to respond and bring his vehicle back onto his own side of the road.

As he was so slow, we wondered if he was falling asleep at the wheel. Unfortunately, it all happened so quickly, neither of us had time to get his number plate details or even the firm he was driving for.

I really hope he didn't make the same mistake further down the road and actually cause a serious accident!

Such little margins.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Postal presents finished

I have been working for a while now on getting my postal Christmas presents finished and ready to post. Obviously I can't divulge at the moment what they are!

Criteria is homemade, re-using where possible and able to fit into an envelope to use 'large' posting stamps. That last bit will make more sense to UK readers. This weekend, I finished the last ones and they have been posted today.

I still have one or two of the same things to make for myself and family that will be with us in the New Year, but they should be finished this week at the latest. Onwards and upwards!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Happy Birthday Sage!

It is our eldest Grand-dogs birthday today. She is 6 years old. Wow, darling dog, where does the time go. Hope you have a lovely day.