Thursday, 17 August 2017

Jerkin colour scheme so far

You may remember, one the 9th August, I showed you the first new stitch I had learnt, the bobble stitch, hoping to use these to make a jerkin (wasistcoat).

I have decided on the colour scheme now and how I want to create the internal bobble stitch pattern to vary the squares:
For me, being relatively new to crochet, I get confused very easily if I do one square at a time as I find the bit that turns a circle into a square, a little taxing for now. Therefore, I shall doing loads of circles, bobble stitch, as that is now in my head and vary the colours on that, always finishing with white on the outside. The white ones appear to be just slightly larger but I think that will even itself out once the border is on them.

When I have loads of the circles, I shall convert them into squares. They do look rather nice as circles but using just them would be far too complicated for me at this stage. I am thinking of edging them with black and using black to also join them altogether, which should show off these colours well. Mind you, I am a tad worried that on the odd occasion I may need to wash the finished garment, whether the black, over time, might make the white bits grubby!

I may chose a nice grey green, similar to the colour of the leaves of a lavender, time will tell. . Once I have visited the wool shop again and taken some of the squares in with me, I shall make the decision.

I am using DK Special Stylecraft to make this, in lavender and magenta.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

In the conservatory

DB has been busy painting inner hall doors that were purchased ages ago but not actually painted. However, over time, they have gone really mucky looking so time for a paint:
This is the 4th and final door (undercoat). It had 2 coats of white satin, hung back up when thoroughly dry. The 3rd door came back in here for its final coat of white satin.

He decided to remove them as he now finds this a more comfortable way to paint. Hopefully this colour will not go off white like some of the gloss has in the past, because lets face, who enjoys repeatedly painting doors?

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Kitchen windowsills

This time of year is when my kitchen windowsills start to have some of our harvest sitting on them. Sometimes it is tomatoes or chilli peppers, at the moment though, it is the windfall apples. Some are good some, despite a codling moth trap, have been attached by said creature and need eating asap.

I have (on its second rise), a loaf of rye bread which we will be amazed if it turns out okay. I just switched off whilst making it, picked up rye flour rather than the intended malt flour and also forgot the oil:

Update: the bread was fine!

Also here is my book stand being used to dry some gloves (used for preparing the chillies for the freezer) and the tea towel. To the right of the book stand is said windfall apples:

The next windowsill houses our fruit basket (currently empty), to the left of which are 3 good apples. The kitchen hand towel is also drying in the sun, along with a chopping board. I like to air these in the sun if possible, after washing, as I think the intense heat kills any bugs that might still be lurking on it:
Once the red pears begin to be harvested, these windowsills will fill very quickly.

Do you use yours like this?