Monday, 26 June 2017

Council Food Bin

When we started using these bins, our council gave us two. A small one for keeping indoors and a larger one for tipping it into and putting out for them to collect. They also gave us one roll of compostable bags to put the waste in. On their web site at the time, it stated you could buy more bags from them direct or wrap up your food in newspaper before putting into said outdoor bin.

Our small indoor one is where we put all out fresh waste and that goes onto our own compost heap when full, they are not getting their mitts on that precious stuff. The only thing that really goes into the outdoor bin, wrapped in newspaper for convenience, is raw meat gristle scraps, bones, citrus and onion. It is collected once a week but as we don't eat much meat, our bin probably goes out once a month.

The other day, I was walking around the village when the food waste disposal man was picking up the bins and transferring the contents into a large dustbin he was pulling around. No neat little packets or bags of food were falling out and the smell was dreadful, like something had died!

Instead, pure smelly liquid based contents slopped out. Poor man.

I can only assume that most of the bins are probably not washed out afterwards by their owners so carry on smelling. I assume that due to the filthiness of the bins themselves.

Friday, 23 June 2017

I'm beginning to realise...

That as well as actual weather and growing seasons, as gardeners, we also have seasons. We feel as though we are entering our autumn gardening years!

Our front gravel garden is mainly herbaceous with a few roses and spring bulbs. As beautiful as it often is, the continuous pruning, clearing and whatnot, is becoming a bit of a chore:(

Yesterday, I began the task of clearing the more annoying if beautiful plants out. The poppies, peonies, valerian, several geraniums etc. DB is helping clear the peonies due to their deep roots. They didn't start out deep but 30 years of adding gravel have buried them though they still flower very well.

We dug down at least a foot into bone dry soil and no doubt have left some roots behind which will sadly, have to be touch weed killed if they grow again.

3 bags of rubbish will go to the skip so we can re-use them. I reckon another 3 should about do it. We shall then buy some more roses, lavender, spring and autumn small shrubs and see how that goes. Growing up, I used to wonder why the gardens of the elderly were either empty or full of shrubs, now I know!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Conversion ...

Firstly, welcome to Samantha Ashurst via Bloglovin.

We saw this car/wagon parked at Ingleton waterfalls and promptly sent a picture to DS:
Probably not large enough for them to think of, but an entertaining idea nonetheless!

Apparently, it is cooler today. Well, I have just spent an hour slowly cutting back and weeding in the front gravel garden and I am absolutely roasting, despite the dark grey cloud (bet we don't get any rain here). Outdoor temperature is just over 22C, indoors, just over 25C. Either place though, it is very humid.